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Program of Dance announces 2009/2010 season

July 28, 2009

U of C Dance: Giving dance lovers something to embrace

The University of Calgary Faculty of Fine Arts Program of Dance is proud to announce a new season of dance works showcasing both students and professional artists.

"The Program of Dance invites you to experience the expressive and transformational power of human movement,” says Anna Mouat, Program Coordinator, Program of Dance. “Our new season of dance features choreographic works and performance by mature and emerging artists and students."

The 2009/2010 Season begins with The Professional Series, (Sept 25 & 26, 2009) featuring Michèle Moss, Assistant Professor in the BA Dance program. The 40th anniversary of Dance Montage, (Nov 26-28, 2009) brings an exciting celebration to stage as the U of C’s longest running dance program. Mainstage Dance (March 18-20, 2010) presents new pieces created by professional choreographers, working with students in the Program of Dance; while Dance @ Noon, (April 8 & 9, 2010) features new voices and new works of the BA students in the Program of Dance. Dance @ Night (April 8 & 9, 2010) presents the final senior projects of the Choreography and Performance Concentration majors in the BA Dance Program.

The final show of the season is the Professional Series II (April 15 & 16, 2010) will bring to the stage the work of local, national and international artists. The artists for this performance will be announced in January.

The BA Dance degree program provides focus and diversity in the study of dance as an art form in the 21st Century, from post-modern performance to ballet and from improvisation to culture-specific dance.

With equal emphasis on both practice and theory the program is designed to prepare graduates for careers and for graduate studies in performance, choreography, and education, as well as diverse careers and advanced study in movement. Faculty members offer professional research expertise in performance, creation, dance science, somatics, socio-cultural theory, history and critical theory.

For more information or to subscribe, please call (403) 210-7576 or visit where you can subscribe online!

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