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Former professor receives Order of Canada

UToday HomeJuly 21, 2011

Dr. Robert McMurtry—professor and chair of surgery from 1988 until 1992—will receive the Order of Canada.

McMurtry went on to serve as dean of medicine and dean of medicine and dentistry at the University of Western Ontario. He’s had a very distinguished career in orthopaedic surgery and as a health policy advisor. His residency in orthopaedic surgery took him to Africa for two years and to the University of Iowa where he did a fellowship in hand surgery. McMurtry founded the First Trauma Unit and multi-disciplinary Hand Unit at Sunnybrook Hospital (now deemed Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre).

McMurtry along with two other members of the university community—donor W. Brett Wilson MBA 85 and Dinos forward and kinesiology student Hayley Wickenheiser—will be awarded the Order of Canada this fall.