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In case of emergency

UToday HomeJanuary 9, 2013

The university’s full emergency text messaging system will be tested on Jan. 15. On that day, all students, faculty and staff currently registered to receive text alerts will receive a message originating from the phone number 403-210-6510 - Brian Kitching. The message will be clearly outlined as a test only. You are not required to respond to the message.

The emergency text messaging system is an efficient way for the campus community to stay informed in the event of an on-site emergency. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to register for the alerts as an important part of creating a safer, more connected community. Click here for sign-up instructions.

In advance of the test, all current registrants should check their information through the myUofC portal to ensure it is up to date. Registering cell phone numbers is recommended due to their portability in the event of an emergency. View instructions to update your information.

If you are registered and do not receive a test message on Jan. 15, please contact Brian Kitching at

Learn more about the university’s emergency management program.