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EVDS presents research at Open Building International Congress

UToday HomeJanuary 9, 2013

by Jessica Wallace

Alumnus Shalisha Senkow, EVDS Professor Brian Sinclair and EVDS PhD student Somayeh Mousazadeh in Beijing, China. Courtesy of Brian SinclairAlumnus Shalisha Senkow, EVDS Professor Brian Sinclair and EVDS PhD student Somayeh Mousazadeh in Beijing, China. Courtesy of Brian SinclairUniversity of Calgary’s Environmental Design faculty and students presented at the 2012 Open Building International (OBI) Congress held in Beijing. Four research papers submitted by the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) were accepted for presentation and publication at the 18th annual conference held in Beijing on Nov. 19-22, 2012.

Of the several hundred international submissions, only 60 papers were successful in the rigorous three-stage blind review process. The fact that EVDS had 4 of the 60 papers recognized is significant.

“The relationship of research and design is rich, productive and essential. It is wonderful to see my students succeeding in international scholarly competitions, and for them to be afforded the opportunity to present their ideas at global venues and with top-level thinkers,” states EVDS Professor Brian R. Sinclair.

Of the four papers included in the congress proceedings Sinclair was the sole author on one paper and a second author on following students papers on: Pre-disaster Planning (Anahita Daniali), Post-disaster Reconstruction (Shalisha Senkow), and Open Building Theory (Somayeh Mousazadeh).

EVDS PhD student, Somayeh Mousazadeh conducted her research with Sinclair and presented at the conference on “Façade Plasticity.” Mousazadeh was also selected in competitive peer-review to present her own research pursuits at a pre-conference doctoral congress hosted by the University of Hong Kong.

Sinclair earned campus-wide recognition in 2011-2012 by the Graduate Students’ Association for Teaching and Supervisory Excellence. He continues to mentor and supervise graduate students in architecture and environmental design. In line with the university’s Eyes High strategic direction, EVDS faculty are committed to research excellence and dynamic student experiences.

The OBI Congress is a professional and academic global conference focused on innovation in design and construction. The congress explores flexibility, systems, integration, prefabrication, modularity and industrialized buildings. it provides an international networking opportunity for leading researchers and practitioners who subscribe to the Open Building approach, who seek to formulate vital theories about the built environment, and who develop innovative methods for design and construction.

Sinclair’s research team’s contributions to open building research are important and far reaching. Open building is an approach to the design of buildings that is recognized internationally as a new wave in architecture, with its roots in the way the ordinary built environment grows, regenerates and achieves wholeness.