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Engineering students get snowed for charity

UToday HomeJanuary 29, 2013

By Judy Zhu

Mystery Machine sculpted in snow by the ZOO Student Society. Photo courtesy of Tom BieleckiMystery Machine sculpted in snow by the ZOO Student Society. Photo courtesy of Tom BieleckiDuring the first week of the winter semester, students at the Schulich School of Engineering pleasantly surprised the university with magnificent snow sculptures on campus. The sculptures were made as part of a competition between the engineering departments ― all for a charitable cause.

“The Engineering Week is a week-long charity event, where the five engineering departments come together to showcase how theirs is the best,” says Shahir Mishriki, president of the Engineering Student Society.

“It’s all about getting everyone together as a community and being proud of what they have accomplished so far.”

Creation of the snow sculptures has been a longstanding tradition of Engg Week, and embodies the innovative culture of Schulich.

“The sculptures challenge is one of the major events of Engg Week, and looking back at the yearbooks it is impressive to see some of the old sculptures that students in the past have created,” says Mishriki.

This year more than 50 students gathered in front of the engineering buildings Thursday night to transform their pre-made forms into sculptures, with many fellow students and alumni keeping them company with a late night barbecue. The finished products included a medieval citadel, a Mech-tendo and a Mystery Machine.

Tom Bielecki, vice president communications for the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ZOO) Student Society recalls the design and building process.

“Our department decided on the theme ‘Scooby Zoo’. We were up about two in the morning making the sculpture and eating burgers. The experience was both fun and a valuable networking opportunity with alumni,” says Bielecki.

Besides the snow sculptures competition, Engg Week held other contests to challenge each department’s problem-solving ability, artistic talent, cooking skills, and athletic aptitude.

“It’s the most significant week for us as engineering students because the entire school comes together to work and play,” says Bielecki.

Money raised from Engg Week will go towards the Calgary Urban Project Society.