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Jan. 28, 2010

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Report offers vision for medical education
The association representing Canada’s 17 faculties of medicine is releasing a report today with key recommendations for the future of medical education.

Research on “global sun block” needed
In an article in Nature, U of C researcher David Keith and colleagues in the U.S. argue that government should support studies on solar-radiation management as part of efforts to deal with climate change.

Students explore the evolution of business
Registration is open for this year’s student-run Business Day conference which looks at how business lessons learned over the past 40 years can be applied today.

Green Scene

Help Erase the Waste
By using a coffee mug instead of a paper cup, or printing 45 fewer sheets of paper a week, campus community members can help meet this year’s Erase the Waste Challenge.


> The Nickle at Noon: Exhibition Tour and More…
> Latin American Film Series: Bolivia
> Happening Festival of New Music and Media: New Adventures in Sound

Jan. 29
> Info: IS2 Project for Staff
> Dinos: Women's BBall vs. Regina
> Dinos: Women's Hockey vs. Lethbridge
> Dinos: Men's BBall vs. Regina
> Happening Festival of New Music and Media: Net-Tets: A Network Music Concert

Jan. 30
> Dinos: Women's BBall vs. Regina
> Dinos: Men's BBall vs. Regina
> RAO Open House: Re-discovering the Moon

Feb. 1
> Talk: How Energy Systems Compete for Market Share
> Slideshow: Voyageurs and Whitewater—Journey Down the Historic Clearwater River
> Bentall Lecture in Christian Theology: Thomas Aquinas Speaks to the Church Today

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