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Jan. 26, 2010

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Alumni Association increases support for students
The University of Calgary Alumni Association is the first in Canada to commit all revenue from its partnership with MBNA Canada Bank to fund student awards.

UCQ launches research program
The University of Calgary–Qatar has been awarded funding for its first four research projects.

Ken Griffey headlines Dinos fundraiser
Two-time World Series champion Ken Griffey Sr. is the featured speaker at this year’s University of Calgary Dinos baseball dinner.


Calgary Herald: Jan. 21
Crotch bomber has us by the …

John Aycock, a security researcher in the Department of Computer Science, talks about how recent changes to airport security are “laughable.”

CBC News: Jan. 21
Chinook fails to melt Calgary’s streets

The snow remaining on Calgary’s streets after 12 days of above-zero temperatures resembles “glacier ice,” says climatologist Shawn Marshall.

Calgary Herald: Jan. 5
Dean of social work helped faculty heal

Gayla Rogers is retiring from her position as dean of social work after 12 years and looks forward to a new role as grandmother one day.


> Info: iS2 Project for Faculty
> Talk: Canadian-US Policies Towards Genocide in Rwanda and Kosovo
> Science Café: Pandemics: Risks and Reactions to an Issue of Public Health
> Talk: Eyes in Gaza with Dr. Mads Gilbert
> Happening Festival of New Music and Media: Sound and Image

Jan. 27
> Talk: The Will to Intervene Project: The Prevention of Genocide
> Info: iS2 Project for Staff
> Movies That Matter: Kimjongilia
> Happening Festival of New Music and Media: Possible Orchestras

Jan. 28
> Latin American Film Series: Bolivia
> Happening Festival of New Music and Media: New Adventures in Sound

Jan. 29
> Info: IS2 Project for Staff
> Dinos: Women's BBall vs. University of Regina
> Dinos: Women's Hockey vs. University of Lethbridge
> Dinos: Men's BBall vs. University of Regina
> Happening Festival of New Music and Media: Net-Tets: A Network Music Concert

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