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Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All

UToday HomeJanuary 25, 2013

By Marta Cyperling

Carla Davidson is competing in season two of Canada's Greatest-Know-It-All. Photo courtesy Bell MediaCarla Davidson is competing in season two of Canada's Greatest-Know-It-All. Photo courtesy Bell MediaWhen Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All returns to the Discovery Channel for a second season, it will and feature a University of Calgary microbiologist as one of the contestants.

Carla Davidson, PhD, specializes in vaccine development and science outreach. She is one of 10 contestants competing in the reality TV show for the title of Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All.

The contestants were picked from over 3,000 submissions and come from a wide range of professions, experiences and educational backgrounds. During the show, they compete in a series of physical and mental challenges designed to put their problem solving skills and teamwork to the test by answering questions like how things are engineered, driven, built, powered and even blown up.

“It was a very unique group of people and we all approached problem solving in different ways,” says Davidson. “The show gave me an opportunity to talk about science and its importance. As a society we don't often talk about how science impacts our daily lives, and how to evaluate the scientific evidence we're bombarded with.”

The challenges were filmed in Ontario this past June, and although the show premiered on Jan. 14, there’s still time to catch Davidson in competition. The program airs on Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 8 p.m.

While Davidson already knows who won bragging rights as Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All, she has signed a non-disclosure agreement and is remaining tightlipped.

“Everyone is trying to get it out of me and I’m not telling,” she says.

Those interested in following Davidson’s reaction to the show as it airs, can watch for updates on Twitter @mommiologist.