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Stroke treatment at your finger tips

UToday HomeJanuary 23, 2013

By Meghan Ockey, Innovate Calgary

Morgan Moe started StrokeLink to help families dealing with the effects of stroke. Photo courtesy of StrokeLinkMorgan Moe started StrokeLink to help families dealing with the effects of stroke. Photo courtesy of StrokeLinkWhen Strokelink’s Morgan Moe entered her final year of her undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Calgary, she knew she wanted to make a difference. But what that meant remained to be seen.

Moe and a team of fellow students went on to develop a tool that will impact many Canadians ― StrokeLink. StrokeLink is a mobile application that brings the knowledge that stroke survivors need to their fingertips. It allows them to track their progress, follow therapy programs and connect with caregivers from their own homes, thereby reducing reliance on physiotherapists and hours spent in hospitals.

It was during her volunteer work for the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured that Moe identified her desire to help people in a far reaching way.

“In developing StrokeLink, I felt I could have a more wide spread influence, and cause change in the lives of so many patients who are struggling with the effects of stroke,” says Moe.

StrokeLink is currently working through the Go-to-Market Program ― a comprehensive curriculum which walks through the development of a strategic marketing plan and marketing implementation strategy ― at Innovate Calgary.

“At this point, we are implementing StrokeLink in hospitals and rehab centres across the country,” explains Moe. “As we improve, we are continuing to build towards our ultimate goal, which is to be a financially profitable venture, while providing a valuable resource for stroke patients.”

Moe is aware that her experience may not be the norm for a university student because she started her own company just a year after her undergraduate degree. It is through this experience that she is now able to offer advice to other university students who are looking to create their own postgraduate experiences.

“Last term we had two amazing practicum students from the Schulich School of Engineering, and we are hoping to have kinesiology students moving forward. I would like to provide students the opportunity to become involved with startups by giving them the chance to participate in Strokelinks growth, and hopefully they will be inspired to create their own path,” says Moe.

“You’re going to learn a certain amount of things in academia, but a lot of what I learned was actually through volunteering and work experience, which is ultimately invaluable.”

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