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Jarislowsky Fellow announced

UToday HomeJanuary 23, 2013

By Amy Eagleson

Colin Jackson, 2013 Jarislowsky Fellow.  Photo courtesy of the Haskayne School of BusinessColin Jackson, 2013 Jarislowsky Fellow. Photo courtesy of the Haskayne School of BusinessThe Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary is honoured that Colin Jackson, has accepted the 2012-2013 Jarislowsky fellowship in business management.

“The University of Calgary is key to the ongoing prosperity of our community. As a proud Calgarian, it is a privilege to support President Cannon and Haskayne School Interim Dean Jim Dewald as they raise our university to even greater heights, and it is a joy to spend time with the keen minds and high energy of the students," says Jackson.

“This is a great opportunity for faculty, staff and students to learn from an experienced and exceptional leader,” says Jim Dewald, interim dean of the Haskayne School of Business.

“Colin’s excitement towards education and assisting in the student learning experience will significantly contribute to our students’ academic experience. It is a great honour to have such an accomplished man working with our students and I am thrilled to welcome Colin to the Haskayne School of Business,” says Dewald.

Jackson will share his experience and knowledge by participating as a guest speaker in classes, contributing as a commentator on student presentations, offering one-on-one mentorship, acting as a judge for academic competitions, networking with alumni and engaging with faculty and staff.

Jackson is well known as the former president and chief executive officer of the EPCOR Centre the Performing Arts (1996-2008). More recently, he led many international not-for-profit initiatives and founded imagiNATION 150 ― a volunteer organization dedicated to identifying "gifts" everyday people can give to Canada in celebration of the nation’s 150th birthday in 2017. Jackson has his Master of Public Administration from Harvard and is a popular and sought-after public speaker.

The Jarislowsky fellowship in business management is the result of a million-dollar gift to the Haskayne School of Business by Stephen A. Jarislowsky, founder of the investment management firm Jarislowsky Fraser. The gift was matched by the Government of Alberta’s Access to the Future Fund.

Bringing real-life experience to the classroom is an important mandate of the Jarislowsky program. Benefactor Jarislowsky believes strongly in exposing students and faculty to the importance of arts, culture and community as complementary and important to the delivery of effective business skills. Jackson will be able to add that first-hand experience and insight into the practical business skills learned in the arts and culture industry.