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UToday HomeJanuary 22, 2013

By Chelsey Higdon

RBC Concerto Competition 2012 winner Ronda Lun performs at last year’s event. Photo by Aaron McCulloughRBC Concerto Competition 2012 winner Ronda Lun performs at last year’s event. Photo by Aaron McCulloughThe Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, University of Calgary and sponsor RBC have once again come together to foster the RBC Concerto Competition dedicated to nurturing young musical talent. The competition is Jan. 2 on campus.

This special event features five outstanding performance majors in the Department of Music who will perform as solo artists with members of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra:

  • Amy Melnychuk, oboe
  • Lev Nesterov, violin
  • Nate Waters, saxophone
  • John Chan, piano
  • Krishan Power, clarinet

For these five students performing in this concert is a profound experience, giving them a taste of what it is like to be a professional musician and soloist.

“The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the top Canadian orchestras. The fact that they do this concert with students annually is great for the music department and for the development of younger players,” says Power. “To have the chance to play my concerto with this group is very much a dream come true.”

Through this competition, the students are given the opportunity to further their professional development under the guidance and leadership of experienced musicians. It enables these emerging artists to make crucial professional connections and gain important experience in orchestral collaboration.

“An orchestral debut is considered to be an important step in the development of a soloist,” says Chan. “I am looking forward to fun new experiences while collaborating with a hundred people on the same stage.”

The RBC Concerto Competition is an important stepping-stone in the musical development and future careers of these students. Power plans to complete his master’s degree in Clarinet Performance in fall 2013, specializing in mostly contemporary solo and chamber music.

Melnychuk cannot imagine a life without music. She says, “I can’t predict the future, but I hope it brings great joy and beauty. I don’t think that would be possible without music.”

Without a doubt these students will accomplish great things throughout their musical careers and it will all start by leaving their musical marks on the RBC Concerto Competition.

The RBC Concerto Competition is Jan. 22 at 8 p.m. at the Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall, University of Calgary. Tickets are available online, by phone 403-220-7202 or at the door.