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January 21, 2011

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NSERC recognizes U of C researchers
Three University of Calgary researchers were awarded the prestigious strategic project grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Exploring the cultures and forests of Borneo
A group of international indigenous studies students will travel to Borneo this spring to participate in two field studies with the Wehea Dayak people.


Jan. 21
Calgary Herald
U of C’s Hotel Alma a ‘hidden gem’

Jan. 19
Eco house

Top Stories of the Week

Jan. 20
Buying green at U of C
If every one of the roughly 33,000 people on campus brought their own travel mug to the U of C, we could divert about 12-million disposable cups from the landfill every year.

Jan. 18
Preserving and renewing African social work history
Repatriation of lost documents provides social work researcher the opportunity to bring the history of African social work home.

Jan. 17
Video game symposium
The university’s games collection will be highlighted in a gaming conference at the new Taylor Family Digital Library Feb. 23-25.



> Project Next: Workshop - Non-Degree Student
> Lecture: Of Anarchists, Terrorists, and an Abu Ghraib Novel
> Fridays with the Faculty: Sloane Dugan
> Lecture: Evolutionary Games and Population Dynamics
> Lecture: Ethical considerations of research with deployed troops
> Symposium: Autoimmune Diseases Network

Jan. 6-22
> Art exhibit: PopSex!

Jan. 13-21
> Theatre: Titanic, the Musical

Jan. 18-23
> Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Jan. 24
> Slideshow: Canoeing the Coppermine
> EES Seminar Series: Electricity Market Modeling

Jan. 25
> ISEEE Expert Series: Engineered Environments and Structured Processes
> Science Café: Social Media and Society

Jan. 26
> Concert: Happening Festival of New Music & Media
> Info sessions: Interested in becoming a teacher
> Movies that Matter: Bhutto

Jan. 26 & 27
> Career Service and Haskayne LIVEbrary

Jan. 27
> Integrated Framework for Teaching and Learning
> Law lecture: The Limits of Ethical Advocacy

Jan. 28
> ACLRC lecture: Big Love and Small Reasons—Considering Polygamy

Jan. 29
> Concert: Going North
> Concert: Big Sound III

Jan. 31
> Panel discussion: Israel-Palestine impasse
> EES Seminar Series: Are life-cycle carbon tariffs effective climate policy instruments?

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