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January 14, 2011

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Links between anti-epileptic drugs and osteoporosis
Most anti-epileptic drugs are associated with a reduction in bone density in older adults, according to a new report.

Project Next

Roving booth
Visit the Project Next roving booth today in the ICT foyer and use iPads to answer questions about what you envision for the U of C's future.

iPad connection
Check out photos from the roving Project Next booth, where staff, faculty and students are providing their feedback on the spot with iPads.

Campus Connection

Inside the TFDL
Check out new photos of the interior of the Taylor Family Digital Library, now open to students.

Top Stories of the Week

Jan. 13
Quantum quirk contained
Discovery moves quantum networks closer to reality.

Let’s all decide where to go Next
What’s next for the University of Calgary? What should we aspire to be? That’s what Project Next is about.

Jan. 11
Protecting immigrant youth
Social work PhD student develops unique research on deterrents to gang involvement.

Jan. 10
Climate change to continue to the year 3000 in best case scenarios
New research indicates the impact of rising CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere based on best-case, ‘zero-emissions’ scenarios will cause a collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet.


> Integrated Framework for Teaching and Learning
> Project Next: Roving Booth
> Women's Volleyball: Dinos vs. UBC
> Men’s hockey: Dinos vs. UBC
> Men’s volleyball: Dinos vs. UBC
> Lecture: Second Language Islands
> Lecture: Merchants of Doubt—How Climate Science Became a Victim of the Cold War
> Lecture: The Variable—A Metaphysical Ichnofossil

Jan. 6-22
> Art exhibit: PopSex!

Jan. 13-15, 19-21
> Theatre: Titanic, the Musical

Jan. 15
> Women’s volleyball: Dinos vs. UBC
> Men’s hockey: Dinos vs. UBC
> Men’s volleyball: Dinos vs. UBC

Jan. 17
> Monday Night Jazz Series: Karl Schwonik
> Slideshow: Update your Workout for Snow Sports
> Project Next: Roving Booth

Jan. 18-23
> Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Jan. 19
> Lecture: Norse, Vinland and Public Promotion
> Integrated Framework for Teaching and Learning
> Social Work in the Canadian Arctic
> Project Next: Roving Booth

Jan. 20
> "Some clever ways that biological systems respond to genetic change"
> The Hal Kvisle Academic Lecture Series: Dr. Elizabeth Cannon
> Project Next: Roving Booth
> ISEEE Distinguished Speaker Series: How to Cool the Planet.

Jan. 21
> Project Next: Workshop - Non-Degree Student
> Lecture: Of Anarchists, Terrorists, and an Abu Ghraib Novel
> Fridays with the Faculty: Sloane Dugan

Jan. 24
> Slideshow: Canoeing the Coppermine

Jan. 26-29
> Concert: Happening Festival of New Music & Media

Jan. 27
> Integrated Framework for Teaching and Learning

Jan. 29
> Concert: Going North
> Concert: Big Sound III

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