University of Calgary

Knee Injury Clinic

Jan. 6, 2009

New no-referral knee injury clinic to cut wait list times

The U of C’s Sport Medicine Clinic (SMC) announced on Jan. 5 the creation of a revolutionary new Acute Knee Injury Clinic that hopes to cut down waiting list times and help more patients receive appropriate care when they need it.

“If you hurt your knee one of the most important things you can receive is timely, accurate assessment and care,” says Dr. Nick Mohtadi, an orthopedic surgeon with the SMC, which is located in the Faculty of Kinesiology.” Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen in today’s health-care system.”
“There are several unique elements about this clinic,” explains Mohtadi. “First of all you don’t need a family physician referral, if you injure your knee playing soccer, hockey or carrying groceries to the car, all you have to do is go online, book an appointment and in a matter of days you should be able to come in for an assessment and begin receiving treatment for your injured knee. There’s no way people should be suffering and risking more permanent injury by waiting so long.”
After booking an appointment online, patients will be assessed by non-physician experts—kinesiologists and certified athletic therapists—who will determine an appropriate course of treatment for a patient: Rehabilitation, physio-therapy or surgery, whichever course is most effective.
The SMC’s Acute Knee Injury Clinic follows the lead of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute's landmark study which used a similar process to cut waiting times by an astonishing 90 percent and reported better patient outcomes. Mohtadi is certain that the SMC’s clinic will have similar results. “Absolutely, the Sport Medicine Centre is an elite clinic. Our non-physician experts and physicians treat Alberta’s top athletes and sports teams.
“We want to be able to treat more Albertans and we are certain that given our level of expertise and the clinics advanced practices we can do that with better outcomes for everyone who comes to us with an injury.”
The clinic’s services will be covered by Alberta Health Care. If you are injured and you’d like to receive treatment, head to the Sport Medicine Centre’s online triage registration and follow the ‘acute knee injury clinic’ link.