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Jan. 14, 2009

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Validate a student
Faculty and staff are invited to attend the co-curricular record launch event and encouraged to become a validator for the program.

Childhood diet influences future health
New research shows early diet may have a profound influence on adult obesity, diabetes.

World-renowned cardiovascular expert visits U of C
Join the Faculty of Medicine on Jan. 15 as they host Dr. Valentin Fuster, world-renowned cardiovascular expert, who will lecture on Cardiovascular Disease:  A Major Problem for North Americans, A Tsunami for the Developing World.

News Makers

U of C researcher makes New York Times
The New York Times followed up on a U of C news release about humans driving evolution in a major story entitled Research Ties Human Acts to Harmful Rates of Species Evolution. News Makers tracks the U of C in the media locally, nationally and around the world.

Giving rise to excellence
Today's Calgary Herald is a special edition focussing on the culture of innovation in Calgary. Several U of C researchers are among those profiled in every section of the paper. Pick up a copy today or check it out online at: 

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2 p.m. How "Silent Information" Can Wreck Our Lives ... We As Computer Users Get What We Deserve
5 p.m. Consultation with New Faculty Members about the Academic and Strategic Research Plans
Jan. 15
- Amie Dowling: Performing Arts and Social Justice: The Prison Projects
- Cardiovascular Disease: A Major Problem for North Americans, A Tsunami for the Developing World
- West Side Story (until Jan. 17)
Jan. 16-17
Tradition and Innovation
with Yu Hongmei and Rod Thomas Squance
Jan. 20-March 10
Mini Med School
Jan. 21
New Year, New You