University of Calgary

Rising in the ranks

UToday HomeFebruary 6, 2013

By Trisha Kingcott

Six PhDs from the Economics Department currently on the job market are proving that the University of Calgary is rising in the ranks of economics schools. These six students have received 70 interview requests with some of them at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, UC Berkley, University of Toronto and University of Melbourne.

“Our students are viable candidates at schools ranked well above our own,” says Jared Carbone, placement coordinator in the Economics Department. “That’s really rare and it means we are doing things right in our graduate program.”

Positions in academia, government, and private industry consulting firms are flooded with applications each year at the annual economics professional association conferences. The stacks of hundreds of CVs are narrowed down to a few 30-minute interview candidates. The finalists are then invited for visits and further interviews. The University of Calgary PhDs have already been invited as finalists for a number of positions just a few weeks after initial interviews. Job offers will be made in the next few months.

“This success is consistent with a trend in the department,” says Carbone.

Student interviews and positions have been improving steadily over time and are not connected with only one or two faculty members, but rather represent the department as a whole.

Carbone sums up the students’ success. “These results are consistent with our view that our PhD program in economics is one of the best in the country and is increasingly being seen as such by institutions worldwide.”

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