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Find what you need at the library? User survey begins

UToday HomeFebruary 25, 2013

The 2013 survey marks the fifth time the University of Calgary has taken part in the global service initiative.The 2013 survey marks the fifth time the University of Calgary has taken part in the global service initiative.More than 5,000 faculty and students received an invitation Monday from Tom Hickerson, vice-provost, Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR), to participate in a survey on their satisfaction levels with library services.

The 2013 LibQUAL+ TM survey is a worldwide initiative of the Association of Research Libraries to gather and measure information on how users perceive the library.

Users are asked to rate the library on services, facilities, resources and access. There is also space to comment on any aspect of the library’s service.

Results are analyzed by the library and used to set organizational goals and priorities for the coming years.

This is the fifth time LCR has participated in this survey. Claudette Cloutier, associate vice-provost for Learning Services, says “each time we gather a fresh impression of what our users see as our best features and where they would like to see improvement.”

Cloutier also notes that, since the last survey in 2010, the library has concentrated on increasing its digital resources and improving access through a redesign of the webpage and the addition of a new search box.

And, of course, the new Taylor Family Digital Library has opened with its impressive array of spaces, services and resources.

“We are definitely curious to hear what our users think of all of our services and facilities, not only in the new TFDL, but throughout all of our branches.”

Those who receive the invitation and a link to the web-based survey can be reassured that all responses are anonymous and confidential. The initial summary report of the data will be received by LCR during the spring and summer and a report to campus will follow in fall of 2013.


For more information please contact:
Susan Beatty, librarian, Libraries and Cultural Resources


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