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Feb. 24, 2010

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Alberta least competitive: Mintz
In a paper released today, Jack Mintz, director of the U of C’s School of Public Policy, argues for significant reforms to improve competitiveness for Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Research program aimed at bowel disease
A team of researchers and physicians from across Alberta is launching an ambitious new research program aimed at improving the lives of people with inflammatory bowel diseases.

Sea ice shrinking
John Yackel, a sea ice expert and geography professor at the U of C, speaks today about the loss of sea ice and its potential impact on the world.

TEDxUofC to showcase innovation
The U of C’s TED event next week will showcase the ideas coming from U of C researchers and innovators, and open them up for discussion.

Faces of Philanthropy

Bursaries help families succeed
A group of alumni and friends are helping students who are juggling school and family with $2,500 bursaries.


> Arctic Change Speaker Series: Disappearing Sea Ice: What’s to Worry About?
> Movies That Matter: We Live In Public
> Big Rock Lecture: Negotiated Space and Other Trajectories
> Black History Film Festival: Prom Night in Mississippi
> Pre-show Lecture: Humorous Magistrates in the English Midlands and Frontier Alberta
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate

Feb. 25
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> ISPIA Distinguished Lecture: How to Steal a Botnet and What Can Happen When You Do
> Nickle at Noon: Hammering Man: Shaping and Being Shaped by Iron
> Chaplains' Lenten Book Study: Spiritual Leaders Who Changed the World
> BD&P Judicial Speakers Series: Judicial Dispute Resolution is Institutionalized in the Court of Queen's Bench
> Info: Strategic Research Plan Information Session
> Dinos: Men's VBall West Quarterfinals
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate
> Latin American Documentary Film Festival: The Music of Argentina, Brazil and Cuba Part I
> Black History Film Festival: Things Fall Apart

Feb. 26
> iCIS Seminar: Electronic Voting Systems: Are Your Votes Really Counted?
> Latin American Documentary Film Festival: Music of Argentina, Brazil & Cuba Part II
> Dinos: Men's VBall West Quarterfinals
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate
> Special Series: The UCalgary String Quartet with David Harding
> Dinos: Men's BBall West Quarterfinals

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