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February 23, 2010

Teaching sensitivity and sensibility

Nancy Arthur is the U of C’s Canada Research Chair in Professional Education.
Globalization impacts the settings where professionals are employed, the clients they serve and the manner in which they deliver professional services. Recent emphasis on diversity and social justice presents challenges on how to integrate these concepts into the professional education curriculum.

How well are professionals prepared for working in a setting that is increasingly global in nature—one that requires not just information, but also a sensitivity to other cultures and societies?

As a professor in the Division of Applied Psychology and Canada Research Chair in Professional Education with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Education, Nancy Arthur addresses these questions and issues. Her work focuses on the challenges and opportunities presented by trends toward global connections, as well as the need for a true understanding of the differences in cultures and customs.

On Thursday, Arthur will give a presentation on her work in this area, where she will discuss “Professional Education for Diversity and Social Justice: Great Concepts but Hard to Practice.” Her talk will highlight research conducted with students and practitioners in the fields of health, education and career development, illustrating barriers and best practices to preparing professionals for increased understanding of relating to others in a diverse world.

Arthur’s talk is the third in the Faculty of Education’s Engaging New Ideas in Education lecture series. To date, more than 300 people have turned out to hear featured speakers discuss critical issues in education. The final talk in the series will be held on March 23 and will feature Dr. Tom Ricento, who will discuss “Measuring success when English isn’t the first language.”

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