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Feb. 22, 2010

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EVDS explore digital fabrication
Minima Screen is a digitally fabricated project focusing on minimizing material waste.

Researching solutions to the drug trade
Strategic Studies graduate student Juliette Gonzalez is researching drug trafficking and alternative development in her home country of Colombia.

A “shot” to the knees
Kinesiology undergraduate student Kristen Barton was part of a research project that takes a new look at arthritis.

U of C student among “great minds”
Sarah Rich-Zendel, a master’s student in the U of C’s interdisciplinary graduate program, will be one of 100 people to attend an international conference on “great minds” in Calgary this week.

Dinos in Action

Swimmers national champs
The men's and women's swim teams brought home both national championship banners from the CIS Swimming Championships.


> Lecture: Alberta's Medical History: Young and Lusty and Full of Life
> Talk: A Taste for Attic Salt? Were Athenian Old Comedies Performed in Magna Graecia?
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate

Feb. 23
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Science Cafe: Arctic Ice: How is Climate Change Affecting Canada's North?
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate

Feb. 24
> Arctic Change Speaker Series: Disappearing Sea Ice: What’s to Worry About?
> Movies That Matter: We Live In Public
> Big Rock Lecture: Negotiated Space and Other Trajectories
> Black History Film Festival: Prom Night in Mississippi
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate

Feb. 25
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> ISPIA Distinguished Lecture: How to Steal a Botnet and What Can Happen When You Do
> Chaplains' Lenten Book Study: Spiritual Leaders Who Changed the World
> BD&P Judicial Speakers Series: Judicial Dispute Resolution is Institutionalized in the Court of Queen's Bench
> Info: Strategic Research Plan Information Session
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate
> Latin American Documentary Film Festival: The Music of Argentina, Brazil and Cuba Part I
> Black History Film Festival: Things Fall Apart

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