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Feb. 16, 2010

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Physicists play Lego with photons
A team at the University of Calgary has been able to “build” objects with photons, taking a step closer to the onset of a new era of quantum information technology.

Drivers put to the test
Schulich School of Engineering researcher Richard Tay is surveying Alberta drivers on their knowledge of the rules of the road.

Footprint calculator aimed at schools
An interactive, online ecological footprint calculator designed especially for schools and post-secondary institutions is set to start computing in June.

Caring for campus
Facilities Management is making changes to caretaking to better meet campus needs.

Campus Connections

Research plan session
All faculty and staff are invited to attend an information and Q&A session on the Strategic Research Plan on Thursday, Feb. 25.

MicroStore temporarily moved
Due to a flood, the MicroStore has been moved inside the U of C Bookstore until repairs are completed in a few weeks.


Calgary Herald: Feb. 12
Rookie enjoying her “wow” time at Games

Communication and culture major Anastasia Bucsis is wandering around the Athletes Village in somewhat of a disbelieving daze, wondering if maybe she shouldn’t stop the bodacious bohemian, Bode Miller, or better yet Sid the Kid when he arrives, and stammer for an autograph.

Ottawa Citizen: Feb. 10
Mega-events often trigger mega-headaches

As athletes from more than 90 countries descend upon Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games, organizers will have to be on their toes, says U of C sociologist Harry Hiller, an expert on urban “mega-events.”

CBC News: Feb. 2
Domestic threats biggest Olympic security concern

Michael Zekulin, a U of C expert in modern terrorism, says small disruptions by domestic groups are the most likely security threat to the upcoming 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, but organizational issues are also a critical concern.


> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Talk: Water Management in Bolivia
>Talk: Training the Canadian Olympic Ski Team with STEALTH
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Opening Night.

Feb. 17
> Talk: Moche Erotic Art: Sex and Death in Ancient Peru
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Runs until Feb. 27.

Feb. 18
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Sigma Xi: Pandemic Predictions as Public Policy
> Chaplains' Lenten Book Study: Spiritual Leaders Who Changed the World. Thursdays until March 25.
> EVDS Design Matters Lecture: FLUX: Form, Fabrication and Performance
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Runs until Feb. 27.

Feb. 19
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Runs until Feb. 27.
> Dinos: Men's Hockey vs. UBC

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