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Feb. 12, 2010

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Research combats elder abuse
One of the elder abuse projects funded by the federal government this week is research by social work professor Daniel Lai exploring the needs of ethno-cultural older adults.

Cardiac care study gets funding
U of C nursing researcher Kathryn King is leading a multi-disciplinary study in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto focused on ethnic and gender differences in the presentation of coronary symptoms.

Premiere a coup for researchers
A 350-year-old country comedy, The Humorous Magistrate rebels against the Puritan morality that was sweeping England in the early 17th century.

Exploring form, fabrication and performance
Award-winning U.S. designer and professor Andrew Kudless explores the relationship between form, fabrication and performance in this month’s EVDS Design Matters lecture.

Small fish teaches big lessons
Evolutionary biologist Dolph Schluter, one of the most prominent experts on Charles Darwin’s work, speaks today at the U of C’s 25th annual Darwin’s Birthday Seminar.


Postcard from Austria
While studying international business in Vienna, Haskayne student Michelle Kalman is learning about the global marketplace, Austrian etiquette and the importance of a positive attitude. Read her postcard home.



> Info: The Provincial Budget
9 a.m. in the Rozsa Centre
> Talk: Community Peacebuilding Through Multifaith Forums
> 25th Annual Darwin Lecture: Small Fish, Big Lessons About Evolution
> Dinos: Women's Hockey vs. UBC
> Organ Series: The Organist as Composer

Feb. 13
> Dinos: Women's Hockey vs. UBC
> Celebrity Series: Debussy Preludes with Charles Foreman

Feb. 16
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Talk: Water Management in Bolivia
>Talk: Training the Canadian Olympic Ski Team with STEALTH
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Opening Night.

Feb. 17
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Runs until Feb. 27.

Feb. 18
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Sigma Xi: Pandemic Predictions as Public Policy
> EVDS Design Matters Lecture: FLUX: Form, Fabrication and Performance
> Drama: The Humorous Magistrate. Runs until Feb. 27.

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