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Dec. 16, 2008

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Student co-produces Christmas classic for TV
James Sutherland is a Communications and Culture student who co-produced The Secret of the Nutcracker airing on CBC Dec. 19.


Mastering social work across the province
With its newest Master of Social Work (MSW) program beginning in August 2009 in Lethbridge/Southern Alberta, the Faculty of Social Work is building upon its provincial mandate to offer graduate programs that are accessible to students from all over Alberta.

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Until Dec. 19
Free Gift Wrapping at the Bookstore. Donations to Campus Food Bank appreciated.
Until Dec. 18
Chartwells Holiday Buffet Luncheon. Reserve now.
Dec. 17
Allograft Fibrosis: Understanding Why Kidney Grafts Fail
Dec. 22
MaPS Winter Celebration
(RSVP before Dec. 19)