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Dec. 11, 2008

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Alberta more restrictive on private health care
New paper shows provincial health care regulation tighter than required by federal law.

Louise Arbour wins Peace Prize
Louise Arbour, the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, has been awarded the Calgary Peace Prize for 2008.

The law of the wild
Faculty of Law professor Shaun Fluker is beginning a research project that will assess the legal process intended to preserve Canada’s wilderness. 

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12 pm Plants Passing Gas
Dec. 12
The U of C Community Music Program's All City Winds Ensemble
Reserve now for the Chartwells Holiday Buffet Luncheon, Dec. 15-18
Dec. 17
Allograft Fibrosis: Understanding Why Kidney Grafts Fail
Dec. 22
MaPS Winter Celebration
(RSVP before Dec. 19)