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August 18, 2009

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Stressed crops emit more methane than thought
U of C scientists say uncounted for source of greenhouse gas could promote global warming.

Solar Hero - episode 6
Meet the Enmax SolAbode project architect Dave Silburn, see the detailed layout and design of the home and an interview with project photographer Gerry Straathof on the lastest instalment of Solar Hero. Watch this week's video.


Calgary Herald
August 13
U of C gives old clinic a facelift

When the University of Calgary announced it was taking over the old 8th and 8th clinic site, it seemed the school's once-
grandiose plans for an urban campus had been reduced to a squat, drab, 1960s institutional building.
But as construction crews shifted this month from gutting the old building's interior to peeling off its facade, it became clear it was getting a modern facelift.

Calgary Herald
August 13

Through Africa with love
Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Ernst Enns (U of C emeritus math professor) took this, his late wife 's mantra, with him on the "adventure of a lifetime" across Africa earlier this year. The 69-year-old from Cochrane also took four of the 30 vials he filled with her ashes to spread at special times and places as he cycled from Cairo, Egypt, to Cape Town, South Africa, between January and April.

Canadian Press
August 14

Calgary researcher helps people who constantly get lost, even in their own homes
If a man asked for directions to take Sharon Roseman home after the first date, she knew the relationship was over.
It wasn't until decades later, when she met University of Calgary researcher Giuseppe Iaria, that she realized she wasn't the only one who struggled with navigating even simple trips from home and work, constantly getting confused in the most familiar places.

Globe & Mail
August 17
Pronghorns get free rein on the prairie

Designed to outrun saber-toothed cats as well as other ancient predators, and now, the coyotes and wolves that prowl the prairie, the pronghorn can reach a top speed of nearly 100 kilometres an hour.
“Pronghorn don't jump fences,” said Michael Suitor, a researcher at the University of Calgary. “That's the short and skinny of it. They evolved out on open prairie … But since fences have been popping up everywhere, it causes them considerable grief.”


Aug. 19 - 25
Milky Way Week – A first for the RAO: Week-long, late night observing

Aug. 31-Sept. 2
Seventy Years On: New Perspectives on the Second World War

Sept. 16 - 18
Advanced Bioimaging Technologies Conference

September 25
EVDS – Design Matters

September 28
Thinking about a hip or knee replacement?

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