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August 11, 2009

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Another Canadian record for Murdoch
The University of Calgary's Katy Murdoch grabbed another national record in the 100-metre backstroke.

Milky Way Week
A first for the RAO: Week-long, late night observing.

U of C creates new Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance
ISPIA positioned as Canada's leading institute for security and privacy research.

Solar Hero - episode 5
The Alberta Solar Decathlon Team goes for the weathered look by carefully dismantling an old barn to reclaim the wood, and discusses its plan for a retractable staircase in order to maximize outdoor patio space. Watch this week's video.


Calgary Herald
August 3
Quiet time: U of C’s new writer-in-residence, Marcello Di Cintio, will spend 10 months turning his adventures into prose

For anyone familiar with the writing of Marcello Di Cintio, the image of him sitting quietly in a small University of Calgary office fussing over a manuscript for 10 months may seem jarringly out of character.
This is, after all, the writer who once took on burly Iranians in impromptu wrestling matches as research for a book.

Discovery Channel News
August 5

Gravity cues Geckos when to use sticky feet
Geckos have an amazing ability to defy gravity and make it look easy. They climb up walls, scurry across ceilings, and even remain calm in free-fall situations.
Now, it appears that gravity is actually the trigger that tells geckos when to turn on their sticky-footed skills. The lizards cling only when running up a slope, found a new study, not when the surface they're on is slippery.
While scientists have known for a while that geckos engage tiny hairs on their feet to cling to steep slopes, the new study is the first to explain how they know when to do it, said study author Tony Russell, a zoologist at the University of Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary Sun
August 7
Columbus gives Calgary native new shot at NHL

For Jared Aulin, the first hint of the holidays arrived five months early. The Calgary-born forward, who had a brief stint with the Los Angeles Kings in 2003 and was last heard from while filling the net for the U of C Dinos two years ago, has scored a training-camp tryout with the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets.



Aug. 31-Sept. 2
Seventy Years On: New Perspectives on the Second World War

Sept. 16 - 18
Advanced Bioimaging Technologies Conference

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EVDS – Design Matters

September 28
Thinking about a hip or knee replacement?

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