University of Calgary

April 8, 2010

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On campus Canada Post office closes its doors
Due to declining sales over the last few years, the University closed the on campus Canada Post retail office located in MacEwan Hall yesterday.

Dance @ Night
Dance @ Night runs April 8 & 9 at the University Theatre.

A gentle 'Reclamation' project
Markin Undergraduate Student Research Project aims at helping lung patients improve quality of life.

Green Scene

Student leadership in sustainability
Check out what U of C students are doing to promote sustainability on campus.


> Book sale: Help families with sick children
> Festival: Taking Flight 2010
> Dance: Dance@Noon
> Seminar: Should Government Facilitate Voluntary Pension Pools?
> Film: Science in the Cinema: Shine
> Dance: Dance@Night

April 10
> Forum: Fourth Annual Social Justice Encounter
> Music: The Piano Sings with Marilyn Engle (piano)
> Festival: Taking Flight 2010

April 12
> Lecture: The Paradox of Plenty; conflict between agriculture and nutrition in modern medical history

April 13
> Festival: Taking Flight 2010

April 14
> Talk: Women Moving Women
> Festival: Taking Flight 2010

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