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April 5, 2011

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Donation to create centre on aging
$5-million gift supports health and wellness of Canada’s fastest growing age group.

“Most likely to succeed” are on their way
The first group of Schulich Scholars is set to graduate.

Back to work!
Kinesiology research aims to coax muscles back from “coffee break.”

Campus Connection

A glimpse of the biomedical breakthroughs of the future
Biomedical engineering students who are preparing to graduate present their fourth-year thesis projects today at the 4th Annual Biomedical Engineering Projects Day.

Last chance to submit engagement survey
Today is the last day to complete the University of Calgary Engagement Survey.

Dinos in Action

Student-athletes raise $50,000 for cancer research
Youth Relay for Life, which ran overnight Friday in the Jack Simpson Gym, brought together more than 300 students along with friends and family in a continuous walk around the upper track.


The Globe and Mail
Election Ringside: Flanagan and Duffy
Every weekday afternoon during the federal election campaign, Prof. Tom Flanagan and political strategist John Duffy provide opinions and commentary.

April 4
Los Angeles Times
For best exercise, don't be lonely or late

April 2
Calgary Herald
China restores U of C's standing

March 29
CBC News
U of C expands high-tech patient simulation centre

March 29
Calgary Herald
U of C joins telescope project



> Lecture: New Perspectives on Asperger Syndrome
> Energy resources from the Arctic: a pipe dream, literally!
> Teatro Salon Speakers Series: Dr. Dambisa Moyo
> Biomedical Engineering Project Day
> Taking Flight
> Workshop: Copyright issues in a Digital Age
> Lifelong Language Learning: Benefits for 21st Century Global Citizens
> Rocking the Cradle of the Plains: Métis Ethnogenesis ca. 1780-1830

Apr. 6
> Woodstock Rising: What the Sixties Have to Say in 2011
> Women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology): The Turning Point
> Taking Flight
> Nickle at Noon: Doing History in Public
> iS2 info session: What & Why

Apr. 7
> Lecture of a Lifetime: Dr. Ayodeji (Ayo) Jeje
> CEO of Mozilla Corporation Speaks to the Class of 2011
> Taking Flight
> Global Energy Security: Dr. Frank Umbach
> Nickle at Noon: The Art of John Snow
> Concert: My Chemical Romance
> Dance@Noon
> Dance@Night

Apr. 8
> Taking Flight
> Dance@Noon
> Dance@Night
> Death in Biopolitical Times: Birth of the Suicidal Project
> Design Matters lecture series: Marcelo Spina
> iS2 Info Session: How & When?
> Physics Colloquium: Broadband Waveguide Quantum Memory for Entangled Photons

Apr. 9
> Taking Flight

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