University of Calgary

Art exhibit

April 29, 2010

All of the above

This year's exhibition logo: the cars reflect the parkade in which the art department is situated in, and each car is named for the students participating in the exhibition.
Each year, graduating students from the Department of Art exhibit their work at the Nickle Arts Museum—providing upcoming alumni with the space and opportunity to show off their talented work.

This year's exhibition is entitled All of the Above, a hybrid of artistic movements and themes featuring the work of 21 young artists from the studio concentration. Fresh and inspired, the artworks are sometimes thoughtful, sometimes confronting, often charming and never dull.

The works are created by the students during their classes at the University of Calgary, which are primarily held in the floors atop the Art Parkade. The BFA graduating exhibition is a landmark for this eclectic group of graduating students. It is the culmination of many drafts of academic writing, hours of studio research and time spent creating, cramming and fixing mistakes.

"Throughout the past four, five, six or more years, the lot of us have been working, uncovering, recovering and creating a body of work in a space that most people have no idea exists," explains Marbella Carlos, president of the BFA Grad Committee 2010. "To all of us, this exhibition is a celebration; the physical embodiment of those hours spent and passion revealed. A chance to present to our peers, professors, loved ones and the interested public exactly what can be done atop the Art Parkade."

This year's BFA Graduating Exhibition All of the Above runs through to May 21st. To check out the catalogue of artists and their works, visit For more information call 403-220-7234 or check out

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