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April 29, 2010

Graduate research conference

Rt. Hon. Joe Clark - Credit Michelle Valberg
The University of Calgary's popular graduate research conference is returning next week, bigger and better than last year.

On top of showcasing the latest breakthroughs in graduate student research and innovation, the conference will feature a former Canadian prime minister, the Right Honourable Joe Clark, grad cartoonist Jorge Cham and award-winning researcher Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed. As well, U of C President-Elect Dr. Elizabeth Cannon will participate in the highly anticipated panel discussion: Graduate Students at the U of C: Experience, Involvement and Expectation.

"We are so pleased to have such notable speakers and overwhelming participation from graduate students for this year's conference," said Zahra Amini, Graduate Students' Association Conference Director. "The University community sees the value in this conference and is really rallying behind us."

Acting GSA President Dan Bidulock says success of the conference also lies in its goal to foster community relations by sharing interdisciplinary research. "We bring together students from all backgrounds and disciplines to share not only their research, but to share it with a non-expert, interdiscplinary audience."

Bidulock believes that building a sense of community among graduate students has untold benefits to students and the university. "In the future, research will become increasingly interdisciplinary. By creating a conference where grad researchers are able to make connections with researchers from other disciplines, we’re setting the stage for exciting future collaborations and breakthroughs."

Faculty, staff, students and the general public are encouraged to attend the open panel discussions and all oral presentations to learn about the exciting research being performed at the U of C. All student presentations are geared toward a general, non-expert audience, ensuring maximum understanding and enjoyment. In addition, all are welcome to attend presentations by Opening Speaker Jorge Cham and Sessional Speaker Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed.

The conference runs on campus from May 5-7, 2010. To obtain a complete schedule of the conference, please visit:

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