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Students showcase community and campus research for AUCC

UToday HomeApril 26, 2013

By Alecia Graham

University of Calgary students showcased their campus-community collaborations and research on Wednesday to members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) during a poster session at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel downtown.

As the national voice for Canadian universities, the AUCC’s members represent 97 public and private not-for-profit universities and university degree-level colleges, including the University of Calgary.

For Pari Johnston, director of member relations for the AUCC, “this poster session demonstrates the commitment Canadian universities have to providing quality education and a research-enriched undergraduate experience.”

Focusing on AUCC’s meeting theme, Campus-Community Collaborations: A Vision for the Future,the poster session encouraged a dialogue among the members and student representatives on how to create and advance cross-sectoral partnerships between universities and community/city leaders.

One of the highlighted projects was Urban Alliance, a program created in 2007 to encourage and co-ordinate the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research between the city of Calgary and the University of Calgary. The alliance identifies strategic issues facing the city and connects university researchers with key questions. They encourage multi-disciplinary solutions to complex problems, building a network of relationships and creative dialogue between the two organizations.

“Doing presentations like this remind me why I do this research, it gives me a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture of how my work influences others in the community,” explained Hayley Tunna, a masters biological sciences student who participated in the poster session. “This is such a unique opportunity to talk to members of other universities and showcase the diversity of the work happening at the University of Calgary.”

Another program showcased was makeCalgary, a community-based research platform in the Faculty of Environmental Design. This program brings together faculty researchers, graduate students, industry professionals, and community partners to help design a bright future for Canada’s most enterprising city.

About 75 AUCC members had the opportunity to view the posters and engage with student representatives and researchers.


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