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Update from MaPS executive committee

UToday HomeApril 15, 2013

A message from the MaPS executive committee:

The University of Calgary’s MaPS executive committee has had a busy few months on behalf of the university’s management and professional staff (meeting minutes).

“President Cannon and the executive leadership team are very inclusive about important institutional topics – we’re being included in the dialogue,” says Rob Scorey, chair of the MaPS executive committee.

“They’re listening to any concerns that we bring to them from the MaPS group,” says Scorey.

Some of the MaPS executive committee’s activities were related to:

Proposed changes to Universities Academic Pension Plan

Recently, changes were proposed to this pension plan. The University of Calgary MaPS group is one of the largest stakeholder groups contributing to the plan.

The MaPS executive committee encourages all MaPS to attend an information session and to share their feedback on this proposal. Comments will remain confidential, but will be shared with Jonathan Gebert, vice-president (finance and services) who represents the University of Calgary in negotiations about the proposal.

University of Calgary budget

The 2013 provincial budget reduced the University of Calgary’s operating grant by seven per cent. This is a nine-per-cent change ($41 million) from the two-per-cent increase promised in the 2012 budget (town hall presentation).

Again, the MaPS executive committee encourages all MaPS to provide feedback on the budget. Please visit the special website set up for this purpose to share ideas, comments and/or vote on existing ideas. The deadline for feedback is April 30.

MaPS survey and next steps

“Thank you to those who completed the MaPS survey in March,” says Scorey. “Your feedback is guiding how the MaPS executive committee works on your behalf.”

There were 607 respondents, or 67 per cent of eligible employees completed the survey. Of those respondents, 86 per cent indicated that MaPS should proceed with forming an association, and 78 per cent said they would join the association.

The next steps to be undertaken are the development of guidelines for governance, structure and bylaws of a MaPS association, and the drafting of a working relationship commitment between the MaPS group and the university.

Eighty-three per cent of the survey respondents would personally be interested in taking advantage of the Compressed Work Week program if it was adopted by the university. Seventy-six per cent of those respondents who manage management and professional staff said they would consider the program in their areas.

The MaPS executive committee invites your comments at any time about the above or any other topic by email or via their comment form.


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