University of Calgary

March 6/08

MARCH 6, 2008 | Vol. 4 No. 9

From lab bench to test bed: Facility to test new energy models
A new $22-million testing facility at the U of C  will develop more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ways of producing oilsands. >> more

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Veteran public service leader joining U of C: New VP Finance appointed
On May 5, the U of C will welcome senior public service leader, Gail Stephens, to the role of VP (Finance). >> more


Are you choosing marketing over nutrition?
A new interdisciplinary course in nursing examines food choices from how marketing affects our food purchases to current and past trends in eating. >> more

law blog

New Faculty of Law blog
The Faculty of Law has launched a new blog called ABlawg: The University of Calgary Faculty of Law Blog on Developments in Alberta Law. The site includes commentary by faculty members, sessional instructors and research associates at affiliated institutes on Alberta court and tribunal decisions as well as legislative and policy developments in the province. The Alberta Law Foundation is funding this project. The blog can be found at:

A new life for people with brain or spinal cord injuries
The Western Canada Regeneration Initiative, with members from the universities of Calgary, Alberta and Saskatchewan, has been awarded a $2.25-million team grant to study how best to heal and regrow nerves that have been damaged by injury or disease. >> more
Federal funding expands climate change research
The federal budget allocated $5 million to ISEEE to support its work on carbon capture and storage solutions to address climate change. >> more
Physics breakthrough much ado about “nothing”
How do scientists store nothing? It may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but the answer is causing a stir in the realm of quantum physics.  >> more

Social work grad wins worldwide competition
Aamir Jamal is researching the ways male discourses of power construct barriers to girls’ education in the Pashtun tribes of Afghanistan. >> more

faces of philanthropy

faces of philanthropy

Geomatics engineering alumni invest in where success all began
For donors Janet MacPhee and Stephen Green, their degrees in geomatics engineering from the U of C paved the way for their successes. With their donation to the university’s geomatics engineering department, they’re alleviating some of the education costs and giving students better spaces to learn. >> more


Painting for women’s progress
The University of Calgary Women’s Resource Centre celebrates International Women’s Day on March 7 with a week-long display of women’s art leading up to the event. >> more


West Campus Update
Campus Planning invites you to learn more about the West Campus Development.
>> more


Prospective students and their parents get the goods on the U of C
Parents are getting more involved in their children’s choice of university and so the U of C has restructured its annual spring recruitment events to take into account the needs of students and their parents. Event is being held March 11, 12 & 13. >> more

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Do raspberry coulis and non-fat espresso froth really matter?
During the city’s Dine Out Calgary 2008 event, Dawn Johnston and Lisa Stowe, food culture experts in the U of C’s Faculty of Communication and Culture, will teach the holy trinity for reviewing restaurants—food, ambiance and service. >> more

boy soldier

Boy soldier Ishmael Beah speaks out on campus
The U of C welcomes Ishmael Beah, author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, on March 16, when he’ll recount his experiences as a boy soldier in his home country of Sierra Leone. >> more


Hey Blackberry users, take a break from all the multi-tasking
A Slovak contemporary dance choreographer is encouraging us to focus inside ourselves, if not for just a minute. Milan Kozánek’s dance piece for Mainstage Dance 2008 is designed to keep us in the moment, instead of two steps ahead. >> more



Throwing normal out the window
For Kara Schroeder, teaching in Ethiopia has been a learning experience deep in culture and history that has influenced her perspective of normalcy. >> more