University of Calgary

Oct. 12/07

Cole Charlebois puts his stamp on the new centre at its official opening. Photo by Grady Semmens
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Where kids come first
New Child Development Centre a leader in child health research

Biology at its best in Ghana

Dinos rush for playoff spot

Brought to you by ... U of C

Language as equalizer
North America's first research chair in EAL no stranger to Canada and its language politics

Happy feet
Research on new "rocking chair" shoe tests new approach to knee and hip pain

Can Facebook change the world?
Experts debate value of social networking technology

IT boosts links to UC-Q
Goal is for communications as rich as face-to-face

Firing up the fuel cell economy
U of C students taps nano-science in energy research

Pollock to hold reading and lead workshop

Get you bingo dabbers ready for United Way fundraiser

Lecture to explore Christ's appearance

Afghan minister connects with educators

Husband and wife duo present evening of romantic music


Take Two

To the Point


News Briefs

Crash Course
Religious Studies 391: Intermediate Sanskrit 

Faces of Philanthropy
Greenhouse manager's legacy lives on through scholarship