June 2, 2023

University commissions report concerning processes for reporting discrimination and harassment and takes action to improve procedures for protected disclosure

Message to the campus community

In early 2022, the university initiated an evaluation into the processes and procedures that are applied when complaints of harassment, sexual and gender-based violence, and violation of human rights are received. The aim of the evaluation was to determine any areas of concern, and to improve processes to help ensure that all campus community members have the option to report matters in a safe space and receive quality support and guidance throughout the process.

The university commissioned a third party to conduct an impartial review and received the report in the fall of 2022. A copy of the full report is available here.

The report identified a number of opportunities to improve the accessibility, transparency, and timeliness of the university’s procedures. The university is committed to making these improvements to ensure that individuals who are subject to harassment or discrimination are able to easily access the resources and supports that they need, and to ensure that these complaints are investigated in a timely and transparent manner.

The university’s Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity (PDRI) Office has developed an action plan to make important improvements to its processes. Some of the actions that have already been implemented include a secure web-intake disclosure form for the reporting of issues, enhancing communications with those involved in protected disclosure matters, and tracking PDRI matters to ensure appropriate timelines are followed. A number of additional actions will be completed in the coming months, including the development of training and education resources to ensure the university community is aware of the how complaints are handled, and implementation of further website enhancements to provide better access to information.

The university will continue to review and implement further steps to ensure the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. If you have suggestions for how the PDRI Office can improve its processes and procedures, please email disclose@ucalgary.ca.

The University of Calgary is committed to ending discrimination and harassment in all forms, and to cultivating a positive and supportive workplace for faculty, staff and students. Anyone who experiences discrimination or harassment at the university is encouraged to contact the PDRI Office by emailing disclose@ucalgary.ca or calling 403-220-5941. The PDRI Office will identify key supports, describe the process of making a formal complaint, and intake key information to initiate next steps.