Feb. 9, 2018

UCalgary launches renewed Academic and Research Plans

Building on the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22, both plans emphasize student experience and impact, and drive innovation
Ed McCauley, vice-president (research) at the University of Calgary, and Dru Marshall, provost and vice-president (academic), speak at a town hall on Thursday where the renewed Academic and Research Plans were presented. Photo by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary
Ed McCauley, vice-president (research) at the University of Calgary, and Dru Marshall, provost and v

The University of Calgary continues on its Eyes High journey with the publication of the renewed 2018-23 Academic and Research Plans, which serve as the roadmaps to Eyes High.

“I am very excited to introduce these new plans that will guide us towards being recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities,” says Elizabeth Cannon, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary.  “I would also like to thank all the students, faculty and staff who took the time to provide such thoughtful and comprehensive input during the consultation process.”

The refreshed Academic and Research Plans are based on an integrated model, one that acknowledges the connection between teaching, learning, and research. Each plan has three priorities with identified major goals and strategies. Both plans are connected through the value propositions of student experience and impact, and share a common priority of driving innovation. The five priorities included in the Academic and Research Plans will drive human, capital and financial resource allocations over the next five years on our campus.

Integrated Model

Integrated Model

Academic Plan

Our previous Academic Plan had seven priorities that have been refined and merged into three academic priorities:  prioritizing people, connecting communities, and driving innovation. This is an evolutionary refinement and focusing of our academic priorities. Initiatives from the previous plan that are currently in flight will continue to completion.

In the Academic Plan 2018-23, there are a total of 14 recommendations and 79 strategies/initiatives under the three priority areas that are to be completed before December 2023. Collectively, completion of the recommendations will help the university navigate rapidly changing landscapes that demand innovative and creative approaches in order for us to excel. Recommendations range from recruiting and retaining talented people to supporting a campus learning culture to enhancing interdisciplinarity to encouraging entrepreneurial thinking. The Academic Plan 2018-23 has a very specific focus on experience, campus culture, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

“The renewed Academic Plan builds on our successes,” says Dru Marshall, provost and vice-president (academic). “As we strive to achieve our objectives we will uniquely position the University of Calgary academy in the post-secondary landscape in Canada, and will demonstrate our value propositions as a research-intensive university.”

Mapping of Previous Priorities to New Priorities

Mapping of Previous Priorities to New Priorities

Research Plan

The refreshed Research Plan 2018-23 has three priorities: matching strengths with opportunities, increasing research capacity and driving innovation. The university’s six research themes have made significant progress and will continue to grow, but we have added many new scholars since 2011 who will explore new research opportunities for our university.

Our Research Plan will advance us on the national stage in all research competitions.  We will support the goals and aspirations of our individual scholars for advancing their research, and we will encourage productive collaborations to advance our knowledge creation and mobilization. Our clear articulation of research priorities, reflecting our scholarly excellence, our institutional investments in them, will be key components for our success.

“Research impacts Calgarians, Canadians, and communities across the globe,” says Ed McCauley, vice-president (research). “We will support our scholars as they shape the future of their disciplines through cutting-edge research contributions, building on the foundations that we established with the strategic research plan.”

Strategic Research Themes

Strategic Research Themes

Moving forward

The 2018-23 Academic and Research Plans provide guidance to faculties, departments and units for their own activities for the next five years.

Both plans will have a set of metrics to ensure we are measuring progress towards our key goals annually. These metrics will be discussed and approved by General Faculties Council (GFC) and will be shared with the community once finalized.

The plans will help us achieve the ambitious goals set out in the Eyes High strategy 2017-22 through creativity, discovery and innovation throughout our community.

Read the Academic and Research Plans online.