Aug. 12, 2020

Three things to expect from Student Wellness Services starting in August

Student Wellness Services (SWS) has provided medical and mental health support through the shutdown, even though in-person appointments weren’t possible.
Calendar August 2020
Student Wellness Services (SWS) has provided medical and mental health support through the shutdown

With campus slowly re-opening, it can be tricky to navigate which offices and services are available. Below is a handy guide for what to expect from SWS starting in August.

SWS counselling looks different

SWS has adjusted their primary delivery mode to single-session counselling starting in August 2020. This change will mean more available appointments and shorter wait times to see a counsellor. To assist with the new delivery mode, SWS will welcome three new counsellors to the team at the end of August.

You can expect a single-session counselling appointment to last 60 to 90 minutes. You’ll connect directly with a counsellor who’ll work with you to focus on your strengths. They’ll help you identify skills and strategies you can practice immediately. This way you can get to work to address your concerns right away. The counsellor may also provide you with assistance accessing additional resources.

As a part of this delivery mode adjustment, SWS will also be offering multiple online workshops every week that students can access whenever they need. Five main workshops will be available, and additional specialty topics (like navigating the transition to university) will be introduced periodically. SWS counsellors are also busy putting together short, pre-recorded videos with top tips and strategies to help you navigate student life.

SWS’s support model (separate from the delivery mode), called the coordinated care model, isn’t changing. The model is key to managing different individuals’ needs. The idea is to help students access and coordinate support when they need it. Students can still access or be referred to peer listening, self-help resources, student support advisors, brief ongoing counselling, group workshops, online learning, medical doctors, psychiatrists, massage and chiropractic, and/or community resources.

Call 403.210.9355 to book an appointment.

Medical appointments are available

Virtual appointments with physicians are available, and limited in-person spots will be available on an as-needed basis.

If you’re a student who resides outside of Alberta or the Northwest Territories, you’ll need an Alberta health care number to access virtual appointments with a physician. Check out additional information under the out-of-province student appointment information on at

Call 403.210.9355 to book an appointment.

Chiropractic and massage services are returning

Chiropractic and massage services are tentatively returning this month. You’ll be able to access massage services on Aug. 17, and chiropractic services will be available starting Aug. 31. SWS will provide information on any special instructions for building entry and appointment details.

Call 403.210.9355 to book an appointment.

As always, keep an eye on SWS’s website for updates on services.

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