Nov. 1, 2023

Streamlined decision-making: UCalgary's Delegation of Authority training webinars

Stay tuned for upcoming 2024 DOA Appendix Redesign training session schedule
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An important goal in the University of Calgary’s new strategic plan, Ahead of Tomorrow, is streamlining and enhancing our operations. A first step to achieve this goal is the implementation of the redesigned Delegation of Authority (DOA), which was adopted by UCalgary’s Board of Governors in June 2023. The redesigned Appendix and the new dedicated website help clarify the decision-making process at the university.

In today's dynamic and complex organizational landscape, “ensuring compliance and accountability with the Delegation of Authority isn’t just important; it's a critical part of risk mitigation,” says Jacqueline Lacasse, general counsel for UCalgary. “It serves as the cornerstone of efficient operations, enabling teams and organizations to navigate the challenges and intricacies of the university.”

Having a proper and in-depth understanding of the DOA empowers individuals to navigate decision-making with precision and accountability. Educational sessions about the DOA and the recent changes are now available for decision-makers and those who support decision-makers.

Live training webinars for the campus community

To ensure the effective use of these accountability tools, DOA facilitators are extending an invitation to the campus community to attend one of two one-hour live webinars. These sessions are highly recommended for anyone who references, interacts with or uses the DOA guide, or seeks a better understanding of university decision-making processes.

The webinars aim to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of what the DOA entails, why it's of paramount importance, who it impacts and how to implement it effectively.

The webinars will be led by Courtney McVie, university secretary, and Chris Stanley, director of operations for Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity and Human Rights.

The online sessions are being rescheduled and will take place early in 2024.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Authority, accountability and responsibility
  • Consultation versus support requirements
  • Temporary delegation versus sub-delegation
  • Delegations through PeopleSoft
  • Contracts approval processes
  • Records of approval

How to access additional resources

To complement the changes to the Appendix, a dedicated website has been created to assist the university community in identifying decision-makers, consultative processes and support channels. The website also clarifies key delegation of authority concepts.

Why the DOA matters for UCalgary’s future

The DOA aligns with Strategy 4 of Ahead of Tomorrow, intended to achieve UCalgary’s goal of unlocking the potential of its students, postdocs, faculty and staff through simpler and faster processes.

After the educational sessions and six months of further practical application, DOA facilitators will seek feedback to refine educational materials and plan future phases of this project. The insights garnered from the redesign will be valuable in shaping the future of UCalgary.

Register to attend one of the two upcoming webinars. For more information on the Delegation of Authority Policy and to explore the Appendix redesign, please visit the website.

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