April 1, 2021

SLLLC Graduate Forum 2021: Call for Papers

Abstract submission deadline now extended to April 6
Graduate research presentations

The Graduate Forum of the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures (SLLLC) is a discussion space for graduate students to share their research with colleagues and faculty members, and to practice their presentation skills in a productive and relaxed environment.

This year, the Languages, Literatures and Cultures Graduate Student Association, Vox Condiscipulum and Linguistics Graduate Student Association, A Higher Clause have invited a distinguished scholar, Dr. Mabel Moraña, to participate as keynote speaker to the Graduate Forum. Professor of Latin American and Cultural Studies at Washington University, Dr. Moraña specializes in Spanish American Colonial Literatures, Literary and Cultural Criticism, and Post-Colonial Studies. She will be opening the 2021 Graduate Forum with a talk on the “affective turn” in cultural studies, which explores how emotional or embodied experiences relate to the sociological, philosophical or even political milieu. 

All SLLLC graduate students are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal on an ongoing or completed project, and especially (but not exclusively) if it relates to the question of affect in literature, culture, or linguistics. Your presentation should be a maximum of 15 minutes and can be done in French or in English. The 2021 Graduate forum seeks to be a space to test unconventional modes of presentation, or to question the development of one’s thesis or other parallel projects. Thus, you are welcome to submit a presentation that:

  • offers an overview of an ongoing or completed research project
  • defines the limits or gaps in a research project
  • describes difficulties encountered across your research process
  • provides a critical reflection on academic writing and the dissemination of research
  • explores alternative delivery formats, other than the conventional presentation (such as a pair discussion, a case-study-inspired talk, a creative piece or PechuKucha talk)

For abstract submission, contact SLLLCgradforum@ucalgary.ca with your:

  1. First and last names as you would like them to appear on the program
  2. Program (Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, French, Spanish, etc.)
  3. Degree (Master’s or PhD)
  4. Year of study (first, second, etc.)
  5. Presentation Type/Format (see above)
  6. Abstract in English (up to 250 words)

You can present your research in English or French, but please write your abstract in English.

Graduate Research Poster Symposium

In order to better assist graduate students in their preparation for this event, a series of workshops will be offered across the semester.

Please keep the following dates in mind:

  • Abstract workshop: Linguistics  |  March 1  |  9:00-10:00am (MST)  |  Dr. Ozouf Amedegnato
  • Abstract workshop: Literature   |  March 4   |  9:00-10:00am (MST)  |  Dr. Montes Garcés
  • Final abstract due date: April 6  |  10:00pm (MST)
  • Graduate Forum: April 22