May 22, 2018

Publication News

Professor Kathleen Mahoney has published a chapter in new book on ecological integrity.

Professor Kathleen Mahoney has published the chapter "Reforming Reparations for Mass Human Rights Abuses: A Canadian Model" in the new book Ecological Integrity, Law and Governance, published by Routledge.

The book celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Global Ecological Integrity Group (GEIG), which includes more than 250 scholars and independent researchers worldwide, from diverse disciplines, including ecology, biology, philosophy, epidemiology, public health, ecological economics, and international law. It reviews the role of ecological integrity across a number of fields through inter- and trans-disciplinary engagement on matters affecting and governing the sustainability of life for both present and future generations. These include, ethics, environmental disasters, crimes against humanity and environmental health, and how such issues can be subject to sound governance and be incorporated into international law. The book also looks forward to new applications of the concept of ecological integrity, such as crimes that result in the exploitation of natural resources and the illegal dispossession of land.