March 25, 2021

Professor's research cited in geoengineering governance report

Professor Anna-Maria Hubert's research was cited in "Reflecting Sunlight: Recommendations for Solar Geoengineering Research and Research Governance" from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Professor Anna-Maria was involved in the Committee meetings that helped shaped the report, and three pieces of her research have been cited in the report:

  • Co-authored with Jane Flegal, David Morrow and Juan Moreno-Cruz, "Solar Geoengineering: Scientific, Legal, Ethical, and Economic Frameworks" discusses issues regarding the framing and futures of solar geoengineering, empirical social science on public views and public engagement, the evolution of ethical concerns regarding research and deployment, and the current legal and economic frameworks and emerging proposals for the regulation and governance of solar geoengineering.
  • "The Human Right to Science and Its Relationship to International Environmental Law" explores the potential contribution of international human rights law – specifically, the oft-neglected ‘right to science’ – to the interpretation, operation and progressive development of international environmental law.
  • "An Exploration of a Code of Conduct for Responsible Scientific Research Involving Geoengineering: Introduction, Draft Articles and Commentaries," co-authored with David Reichwein, shows that the issue of geoengineering is located within a large body of evolving international norms and an existing legal framework, and that rules, principles and mechanisms established in other contexts can make a contribution to the elaboration of responsible governance of geoengineering at all levels. 

The report recommends a comprehensive plan for governing solar geoengineering research, designed to ensure it moves forward in a socially responsible manner.

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