April 6, 2020

Professors and alumni published in environmental law and policy book

Professor Emeritus Al Lucas co-authored the fourth edition of Environmental Law and Policy.

Environmental Law and Policy, 4th Edition addresses the current state of our environment and critically examines environmental policies in relation to modern political, ethical, cultural, and scientific concerns.

This casebook presents an overview of contemporary environmental challenges, including species elimination, diminishing resources, and climate change, that are consequential to our shifting environmental and legal landscape. Advancing beyond basic environmental legal concepts and principles, the interconnection between various disciplines is outlined to analyze domestic and international environmental trends and legal developments.

In addition to Lucas as co-author, the following professors contributed chapters to the book:

  • Sharon Mascher, "Domestic Climate Change"
  • Shaun Fluker, "Environmental Law Enforcement"
  • Allan Ingelson and Kristen Van De Biezenbos, "Energy, Technology, and Environment"
  • Nigel Bankes and David Wright, "Environmental Law in Canada's North"
  • Arlene Kwasniak, "Municipal Law and Environment"
  • Martin Olszynski, " Impact Assessment" 

Alumni Chidinma Thompson, PhD'13, Brett Carlson, JD'18 and Damilola Olawuyi, LLM'08 contributed chapters to the book. Sara Bagg, LLB'06 is a co-author and chapter contributor.