Oct. 8, 2019

Professor leads special forum for Alberta Law Review

Professor Michael Nesbitt led the special forum on Bill C-59, An Act Respecting National Security Matters for the journal.

With contributions from several leading national security scholars from across the country, the forum aims to offer and understanding of the implications and uncertainties arising from the ATA 2017. The forum also offers introduction to some of the more complicated issues, and a place where other researchers and practitioners can begin a thoughtful and ongoing evaluation of the Act.

Michael co-authored the introductory piece to the forum, and contributed the article "Bill C-59 and CSIS’s “New” Powers to Disrupt Terrorists Threats: Holding the Charter-Limiting Regime to (Constitutional) Account," which reviews the changes brought in with Bill C-59, examines how those amendments may not avoid constitutional challenge, and outlines what a section 1 Oakes justification may look like.

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