Jan. 18, 2018

Peter Garrett appointed associate vice-president research - innovation

A message from Vice-President (Research) Ed McCauley

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Garrett as associate vice-president research – innovation (AVPR-I), effective Jan. 1, 2018 to Jan. 1, 2019. The AVPR-I will play a key role in driving innovation, a shared priority in the Eyes High  Strategy 2017-22 and the 2018 Academic and Research Plans.

Garrett is uniquely qualified for this role, which is important in encouraging commercialization, knowledge translation and innovation activities across University of Calgary campuses and in the broader community. The AVPR-I will work strategically with industry to promote collaborative projects, programs in the University Research Park, establish the industry engagement program and will continue to be the CEO of University Technologies International, Inc., with operational oversight of Innovate Calgary.

Garrett has held a number of important past roles, including vice president of wireless research and development at Nortel and CEO of Global Thermoelectric. Garrett has also been a member of numerous boards, including the Alberta Science and Research Authority, Calgary Technologies, Inc. and several private companies. He also volunteered on a number of UCalgary committees and boards, including being chair of the Schulich School of Engineering external research advisory board. He will bring first-hand insight and knowledge to his position as AVPR-I.

New structure enables organizations to deliver on their mandates

Effective Jan. 1, Innovate Calgary has separated into two fully independent organizations, each focused on delivering a subset of the mandate of the previous organization.

The first will continue to operate as Innovate Calgary, under the leadership of Garrett and myself, as board chair. Innovate Calgary will assume responsibility for providing tech transfer and business incubation services to the University of Calgary. Working closely with the Office of the Vice-President (Research), services will continue to be offered to all University of Calgary students, faculty and researchers. Over the last several years, projects in the arts, humanities and social sciences have increased considerably with the creation of a social innovation accelerator program under Garrett’s leadership and will continue to be a focus for Innovate Calgary moving forward.

The second organization will operate temporarily as Calgary Technologies Inc. (CTI), while undergoing a renaming and rebranding initiative.  Interim CEO Evan Hu and Interim Board Chair Heather Herring will lead CTI. CTI will be playing a major role with the external Calgary community of innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Please join me in congratulating Peter on his appointment.

Ed McCauley
Vice-President (Research)

Peter Garrett has been appointed associate vice-president research – innovation, playing a key role in driving innovation, a shared priority in the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22 and the renewed Academic and Research Plans. Photo courtesy Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett has been appointed associate vice-president research – innovation.

Peter Garrett