University of Calgary

November 2008

November 28, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: University of Calgary creates new mental health centre
MEDIA ADVISORY: Meteorite field found in Saskatchewan
MEDIA ADVISORY: First-year engineering students show off creative designs for sustainable buildings of the future

November 27, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: SU seeks student input for housing study
UTODAY STORY: UCVM announces Chair in beef health and wellness
UTODAY STORY: Who’s most likely to be swept away? Avalanche study shows training and education don’t reduce risk in the backcountry 

November 26, 2008

MEDIA ADVISORY: Update re: Campus Pro-Life
MEDIA ADVISORY: Avalanche study profiles who’s most at risk
MEDIA ADVISORY: Statement re Pro-Life
UTODAY STORY: New Wellness Centre opens for students
UTODAY STORY: Alumnae, faculty and philanthropist among Canada’s most powerful women
UTODAY STORY: U of C doc named Family Physician of the Year 

November 25, 2008

UTODAY STORY: Track & Field star Effah brings home Fred Tees Award
UTODAY STORY: Creating the idea generation
UTODAY STORY: 528-year-old religious book arrives at U of C
MEDIA ADVISORY: SU of C’s new Wellness Centre opens as students head into end of semester cram sessions
NEWS RELEASE: Meteorite search update: 10 tonne rock responsible for fireball

November 24, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Creating the Idea Generation: Robert Kelly is working to make creativity a primary rationale for education
UTODAY STORY: Helping to keep people with mental illness off the streets
UTODAY STORY: "The Message" steals the Iron Science show
MEDIA ADVISORY: Mental health and homelessness exhibit comes to Calgary  

November 21, 2008

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: New books explore history of Arctic exploration

November 20, 2008

MEDIA ADVISORY: Regional winners battle for national title in Iron Science
UTODAY STORY: Immigrant children lack important vocabulary
MEDIA ADVISORY: Law prof to comment on one-person, one-fare ruling 

November 19, 2008

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Bill Buckner to speak at Dinos baseball dinner
MEDIA ADVISORY: What should you be eating? Food you choose can have a profound impact on your health from the genetic level
UTODAY STORY: Faculty of Medicine’s Jean Addington named Alberta Centennial Research Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 

November 18, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Survey gauges value of Alta’s Eastern Slopes: Beautiful but busy southwest corner the focus of new U of C study  

November 17, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Iron Science heats up with U of C as final battleground

November 14, 2008

UTODAY STORY: Dinosaur whodunit: solving a 77-million-year old mystery
UTODAY STORY: Affordable medicine plan goes global
UTODAY STORY: Yoga “survival kit” helps improve cancer recovery
MEDIA ADVISORY: Crusader against human trafficking visits Canada

November 13, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: New associate vice-president (research) named
UTODAY STORY: Appreciate the beauty of campus—via podcast

November 12, 2008

MEDIA ADVISORY: Dinosaur whodunit: Solving a 77-million-year-old mystery
MEDIA ADVISORY: Yoga for Cancer Survivors regime first of its kind
UTODAY STORY: Vet Med faculty announces first professorship

November 10, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Navy plans to look to the future

November 7, 2008

UTODAY STORY: Roadside memorials may improve safety
NEWS RELEASE: Author launches new book on what business can learn from the arts  

November 6, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Haskayne honours Russell Girling with Management Alumni Excellence Award
UTODAY STORY: New discovery in aging process
MEDIA ADVISORY: Beauty: An ugly obsession?
MEDIA ADVISORY: U of C legal experts blog on cases in the news 

November 5, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Convocation honours Native artist and WestJet founder

November 4, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: When suits meet roots: First study of its kind released on best practices in corporate community engagement
MEDIA ADVISORY: Killer bacteria, computer swarms and genetic ethics

November 3, 2008

NEWS RELEASE: Dr. Sam Weiss wins Gairdner International Award
MEDIA ADVISORY: Hundreds expected to watch US election results at U of C