June 4, 2014

Nominate a graduate who makes you proud

Alumni Association accepting Arch Awards nominations until July 4

From international peacekeeping to medical breakthroughs, athletic excellence to entrepreneurial innovation, our alumni community shows the world what's possible. Their stories inspire us and they make us proud.

Nominate an outstanding graduate or future graduate from now until July 4 for the Distinguished Alumni Award, Graduate of the Last Decade Award or Future Alumni Award.

  • The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding graduate whose contributions to their field – public service, business and entrepreneurship, medicine, arts and humanities, science and technology – have notably improved both their profession and community.
  • The Graduate of the Last Decade salutes a graduate from the past 10 years who has enjoyed tremendous success and has already left a positive impact on their community. The winner of this award will have completed something exceptional and innovative that differentiates them from their peers. The path they’ve pursued need not be conventional.
  • The newest award in the Arch Awards family is the Future Alumni Award, which recognizes a current undergraduate or graduate student who embodies a community-minded worldview. Whether the “community” revolves around the university and student life or exists beyond campus — this student has already demonstrated excellence in their academic and extra-curricular endeavours and shows huge potential for the future.

Any member of the university community can submit a nomination for the 2014 Arch Awards.

Just visit ucalgary.ca/alumni and complete our online nomination form. Recipients will be announced this fall.

If you have further questions, please contact Lindsay at 403.220.8552 or archawards@ucalgary.ca.