Aug. 25, 2023

In Memoriam: Fania 'Fanny' Wedro, Hon. LLD'23

Campus flag lowered Aug. 25, 2023
Fania 'Fanny' Wedro
Fania 'Fanny' Wedro speaks at UCalgary convocation ceremonies on June 2, 2023. University of Calgary files

The University of Calgary community mourns the loss of Fania 'Fanny' Wedro, who was an honorary Doctor of Law recipient in 2023. Wedro, a Holocaust survivor who dedicated her life to promoting Holocaust education, passed away on Aug. 21, 2023, four days before her 96th birthday.  

A leading philanthropist and speaker, she gave back to her community with a lifetime of volunteerism, speaking to schools, community groups and government officials about her horrific Holocaust experiences and the mass graves in Eastern Europe, known as the “Hidden Holocaust.”  

Wedro, who immigrated to Canada in 1948 as a domestic worker, became one of Western Canada’s leading entrepreneurs. She co-founded The Wedro Holocaust Foundation in Calgary with her late husband, Leo, focusing on Holocaust education in Alberta. They also established memorials for murdered Ukrainian Jews in their hometowns. Fanny led multiple groups of students and adults on “March of The Living” journeys through Europe’s concentration camps.  

Despite facing great adversity, she emerged with a strong will to educate and prevent history from repeating itself.  Wedro’s unwavering commitment to education and fighting hate earned her the highest honour from the University of Calgary.  

Wedro is survived by her son, Ben, daughter, Eleanor, and grandchildren Alexandra, Meredith, and Celina. Funeral services were held on Aug. 23. Condolences, memories, and photos can also be shared and viewed here. 

The University of Calgary extends its deepest condolences to Wedro's family. Her enduring legacy and commitment to education and community service will continue to inspire us.  

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