Jan. 29, 2018

Meet our Students: Daphne Wang, JD'19

As a talented musician and academic, Daphne Wang has always enjoyed a challenge.

Growing up in Calgary, Daphne was engaged with the world of music. She started playing the piano as a young child and pursued music through her Bachelor of Music degree. Pursuing this level of excellence in her performance skills required self-discipline, determination, and dedication. Making the jump to University level course-work in Piano was a challenge at first for Daphne, and attaining excellence didn't always come easy. The practice of piano requires thoughtful and extensive repetition and acute attention to fine details. One of the ways in which Daphne found she improved her skills was through learning more about the theory of music, which involves comprehending the complexities in each piece and detecting nuances between musical passages. By doing so, she was able to use this knowledge as an anchor to gain a stronger understanding for the work she was doing. In turn, this methodical approach helped her gain confidence and skill as a performer.

This methodical type of thought process was something that drew Daphne towards the study of law and has helped her throughout law school. Another aspect of law that she was interested in, was the breadth of social engagement that it involved. Unlike the solitary nature of piano practice and playing, law involved more opportunities for collaboration. Looking back at her decision to go into law, she says, "I stumbled into law and never looked back. I can do the analytical work, and also be able to apply that to help people – this is an ideal situation for me."

As the first lawyer in her family she found the application process daunting. Her choice to come to UCalgary Law was based on many factors, including that she found the environment and attitude towards students welcoming and supportive. As she notes, "To have that kind of support so early on, is the best thing considering how uncertain the process can be." This type of support from staff, students and faculty is something that has carried on throughout her time at law school.

One of Daphne's most positive experiences at UCalgary Law occurred in her first week here. With minimal exposure to law before her arrival at law school, the Foundations block course gave her the opportunity to learn about what the practice of law looks like. Meeting and getting to speak with practitioners, professors, and upper year students helped Daphne gain a broader understanding of the many different career paths available to students in the legal profession. This also gave her insight into the deep camaraderie within the school and the profession as a whole. During the course, she also met the students in her class and the friendships she started at that time have stayed strong throughout law school.

Now in her second year and looking back, Daphne sees law school as, "one of the best schooling experiences I've had so far." She is looking forward to summering at Blake, Cassels & Graydon in 2018, as well as clerking at the Alberta Court of Appeal after she graduates. 

Daphne Wang, JD'19

Daphne Wang, JD'19