University of Calgary

May 2008

May 29, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Why is Nano so BIG?
U of C students can now enroll in Nanoscience program

May 27, 2006
MEDIA ADVISORY: Commuter Challenge: How do you plan to get to work or class at the University of Calgary next week?

May 27, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Free 12 hours of fitness classes
U of C helps host free downtown fitness class

May 26, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: How buckyballs hurt cells

May 23, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Roller coaster helps physics students plunge to success

May 21, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Missing link settles debate over the origin of frogs and salamanders

May 21, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Roller coaster ride helps students plunge into physics

May 21, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Cyber hand in your pocket?

May 21, 2008
Spring Convocation, June 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13

May 20, 2008
Highest U of C honour awarded to students
The new President’s Award for Excellence in Student Leadership recognizes five graduating students

May 16, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Border crossers
Biomedical engineering is one of the U of C’s top three priorities

May 16, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: neuroArm: revolutionary procedure a world first

May 16, 2008
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: For some living on Calgary streets,home is where the art is

May 15, 2008
NEWS FEATURE: Police robot graduates from Schulich School of Engineering

May 15, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Police robot graduates from Schulich School
Stationed at YouthLink Calgary–Calgary Police Interpretive Centre

May 13, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Police robot graduates from Schulich school
Stationed at YouthLink Calgary-Calgary Police Interpretive Centre

May 13, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Patch Adams kick starts new health facility for Albertans
Funding campaign launched today

May 12, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Q&A with Sheila Evans, interim dean University of Calgary-Qatar + Doha students elect representatives

May 12, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything
What You Don’t Know About Healthy Living May Kill You

May 9, 2008
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Community Event: University of Calgary Campus Fair

May 9, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Stephen Ames, Richard Zokol headline Dinos golf fundraiser

May 9, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Rodeo ready
Casey Crandall is a college national champion in barrel racing and pole bending

May 8, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Defining Canada’s parks in the 21st century
Parks for Tomorrow 40th Anniversary Conference May 8 – May 12, 2008

May 7, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: How are drivers affected by roadside memorials?
Calgarians asked to take online survey

May 7, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Grade 9 girls see how cool high-tech careers are for women

May 6, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Hitting the road in Schulich 1
Drivers gear up to get behind the wheel of U of C’s solar car at highway speed

May 6, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Turning Pain and Confusion into Action
Calgary philanthropists make generous gift to help establish new health centre

May 6, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Life savers revered at convocation

May 5, 2008
NEWS RELEASE: Law professor receives Trudeau Fellowship prize

May 5, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: U of C solar car hits the track

May 5, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: University School Week gets rolling with first group of grade 3 and 4 students

May 2, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: New U of C master’s of social work degree to be offered at Blue Quills First Nations College

May 1, 2008
MEDIA ADVISORY: Light Up Papua New Guinea
Gala fundraiser Friday for solar lighting project in honour of Captain Nichola Goddard