Sept. 6, 2022

Libraries and Cultural Resources partners with Lean Library

New browser extension connects patrons with University of Calgary’s library’s collections

Download Lean Library

As part of UCalgary Library's commitment to supporting academic and research activities, we have partnered with Lean Library to offer a free browser extension to all UCalgary students, faculty and staff.

Lean Library highlights available Library resources for patrons doing online research. The plug-in is compatible with all web browsers and simplifies users’ access to online Library resources (articles, eBooks, and more). It also identifies alternative, legal routes to articles and eBooks not in the Library's collections.

Typically, patrons encounter obstacles around authentication, login procedures, browser or software requirements and license restrictions when they try to access different materials and websites. Lean Library improves the connection between user and resource by detecting material licensed by the Library during web searches.

Once downloaded, patrons will receive a pop-up message when looking for a resource the Library has access to. Lean Library provides a link to authenticate and access the resource. If the Library can’t help, patrons are directed to an open access version or document delivery whenever possible. 

UCalgary students, faculty or staff can download the free browser extension at any time. We hope that using Lean Library will better connect Library patrons with our resources.

Download Lean Library